The current approach to enterprise cloud is centered on point solutions - both software and hardware. A great deal of time is spent buying and provisioning cloud services and a proportionately shorter amount of time on integrating into the enterprise.

This has resulted in the following challenges:

  • Customer adoption & acceptance overlooked.
  • Compliance & regulation requirements inadequately addressed.
  • Current enterprise assets are an afterthought.
  • Operational costs of public clouds are not truly understood and addressed.

Cloud Application Federation Framework (CAFÉ ™)

In order to address the challenges experienced by the enterprise and drive cloud adoption, we have developed the patent pending Cloud Application Federation Framework (CAFÉ ™). The purpose of the framework is to organize decision makers and stakeholders into thinking about concerns and aspirations of cloud computing, tools and technology. The goal of the framework is to facilitate the decision maker’s view of cloud adoption from multiple stakeholders’ perspectives and enterprise context.

Applying the Cloud Application Federation Framework (CAFÉ ™)

We have successfully applied this framework across multiple use cases from cloud roadmap & planning, implementing and making operational capabilities like IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service), and meeting business challenges for compliance & regulations with cloud solutions and others.